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I'm a purple haired princess


I love MCR, P!ATD, FOB, Twenty One Pilots, the 1975, New Politics, and was raised on Metallica, Pantera, Disturbed, KoRn, NIN, the Misfits, Danzig, and lots more.


Talk to me about music and i'm yours.


You can pretty much expect me to post bands, Doctor Who, and things I find cute.



what video is this from??


do you ever just

not mind a ship

but the shippers

the shippers


do u ever just love someone so much it overwhelms ur entire heart and thats all u can think about and even seeing a picture of them or something just triggers this rush of emotion and all u can think is like wtf i love u 

Gerard Way And The Hormones |  August 20, 2014 - Portsmouth, UK. 

19/50 pictures of Gerard Way

19/50 pictures of Gerard Way


if ray does a tour and doesnt call it ‘touro’ im gonna be so disappointed 

"After saying his goodbyes, Way slopes off towards his rehearsal studio, parka slouching around his shoulders, lolloping gait of a teenager on the first day back at school. Not really alien yet, hesitant or otherwise, but he’ll be in costume soon enough. Gerard Way knows better than most that all the best superheroes have alter egos.”  x

Frank Iero performs “Stage 4 Fear of Trying” at PureVolume Sessions. 

Frank Iero performs “Stage 4 Fear of Trying” at PureVolume Sessions